lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Google Earth per la ricerca di acqua potabile

Access to drinking water in third worldImage via Wikipedia
Il team di WaterAid ha recentemente sviluppato un tool di mappatura chiamato Water Point Mapper. Vengono usati dati inseriti in un foglio di calcolo Excel e utilizzate le macro per generare i file KML.

"The tool is now widely used by WaterAid country programs and partner organizations across sub-Saharan Africa to map rural water points. The tool empowers communities to manage their water sources and offers district level planning and resource allocation.
The Mapper can generate a range of point based and area based maps for monitoring a wide selection of status indicators. The list includes water source coverage (with and without functionality), functionality, water source type, revenue collection and access distance."

tratto da: The WaterAid Point Mapper, helping find fresh water | Google Earth Blog

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